Board of Directors

Keith BellomoProgram director, Kindergarten Class Teacher

Keith is an alumnus of the Rutgers Graduate School of
Education, where he obtained a Master’s degree in English
Language and Literacy Education, and also possesses a
Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Temple
University. As program director, Keith oversees and
ensures the success of our team of educators, while
keeping up to date with modern education techniques to
provide a flexible, yet effective curriculum. Keith also has
nearly a decade of experience in theater and film acting,

and is soon to be a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild.


Maria BellomoCounselor

Maria is an alumnus of New York University, where she
obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, with a
concentration in Pre-Medicine. She is a member of the
National Honors Society for Psychology, and also possesses
minors in Chemistry, Astronomy, Physics and Environmental Biology. Maria has volunteered in the pediatric in-patient unit at Bellevue Hospital in New York City, and has been involved in the field of psychology through research. She will observe classroom activity and oversee basic child behavioral and mental development, mediating between students, teachers, and parents to assess and direct each student toward positive behavior and learning in the classroom